Hypertension and Headache

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One of the symptoms of hypertension that is often felt by the sufferer is a headache. Headaches are usually synonymous with high blood pressure. According to research, people who have high blood pressure usually do feel headaches that are more severe or more frequent than people with normal blood pressure.

But the fact is, headache is not a symptom that can ensure that you have high blood pressure. High blood pressure will make your blood vessels become more rigid and affect the performance of nerve endings. Performance of nerve endings that can actually make it difficult to recognize the pain. Thus, it can be directly said that headaches are not always a symptom of hypertension.

However, headaches can also be symptoms that indicate that you have malignant hypertension. Malignant hypertension is a condition of high blood pressure experienced by a person suddenly. This should certainly be wary of not being a forerunner of high blood disease later in life. Please note that anyone can suffer from malignant hypertension regardless of age.

In conclusion, do not wait for a headache to check your blood pressure. If you feel fit and never had a headache, that does not mean you are free from hypertension. It would be better if you want to maintain health by running a healthy lifestyle and perform regular health checks. Because living healthy and fit is the right of everyone.

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