Causes of Hypertension in Elderly

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Normal blood pressure for most adults ranges between 120/80 mmHg. However, blood pressure is not a permanent condition. Blood pressure can vary over time depending on many things, from what activities are currently being performed, the food consumed, the timing of the measurement, to the age.

The elderly blood pressure can fluctuate and unpredictable. Sometimes, an elderly person can have low blood pressure and then jump high just punctuated for a few moments. Unfortunately, the reason for the rapidly moving up and down blood pressure changes is not clear why.

Hypertensive disease in the elderly will increase the risk of stroke in the future. This condition also increases your chances of experiencing kidney damage, heart disease, and many other serious health problems if you can not manage blood pressure well.

Many doctors are now setting a tension range of 140/90 mmHg for older people. To help achieve these targets, doctors can prescribe blood pressure medications that start to use slowly and gradually increase. This is done to avoid a sudden drop in blood pressure (hypotension).

A drastic reduction in blood pressure can be very dangerous for the elderly. This condition makes them often experience dizziness, faltering body, and the sensation of wanting to faint that can cause them vulnerable to fall. The elderly bone is already thinning and thinning, so falling can cause fractures or other serious injuries.

So, it is necessary to note the factors causing the occurrence of hypertension in the elderly. Some of the causes of hypertension in the elderly, are:

Unhealthy diet
Consume excessive salt
Increasing age
Hereditary factors
Consume alcoholic beverages
Rarely exercise
Being overweight or obese

Some of the above factors are the cause of the occurrence of hypertension in the elderly, starting from an unhealthy lifestyle will cause various diseases of hypertension and various other diseases.

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